Introduction from me

murasaki enamelzenshin.jpg
I belong to the 'Domina School La Siora Tokyo'.

First of all, I speak English only a little bit.
I usually speak simple English but I hope to improve my English through this blog.

KINBAKU1 matanawa1.jpg

I like to do Japanese rope bondage (=SHIBARI, KINBAKU) very much.
My Shibari is very classical yet beautiful.
Come to visit me if you are curious about Shibari.

Personally I love travels, both domestic and abroad.
Travelling always gives me a stimulation which I'm always looking for.
Recently I have travelled to Europe several times and felt European BDSM.
It's totally different what I imagined before.
I might meet you in Europe if we have a chance.

MURASAKI is a name of purple color in Japanese.
Purple is a mixture of red and blue.
It's passionate but cool.
Sensual but strict.

I always want to be the one who mixes two contrary sides and want to have multiple way of things.
This is my MURASAKI Views.

I am looking forward to meeting to good slaves.