Rough schedule

I am planning my summer vacation.

There were some Japanese slaves that planned to see me at the Japanese Golden Week but actually I was in the
Southeast Asia as you know.

For slaves in the distant areas I will let you know my rough schedule.

On June 20 to 27, I will be away to Okinawa as I am every year.
Then I will be off twice on Thursday.

I would like to go to the Southeast Asia once again in August.
Singapore was quite nice so I go again, maybe.
Possibly with BDSM sessions one day or two.

I learned there was a lot inquiry from Singapore.
You may have chances this summer.

When my schedule is fixed, its announcement will appear in the web.

Furthermore, I will attend amateur demonstration of
socail dance at the beginning of August.
It might be difficult to have irregular sessions in end of July.

The mid July is realteively open; Maybe to Osaka?
Please send us your requests.
This is up to you.

Travelling is quite fun.
I like feeling something special during travels.

Bye for now.

Translator; slave P