Happy new year

Tomorrow is the first working day of a new year.
I will do my best so that this year will be a good year too.
May we all have a good year!!

January 4, 2017

Rope bondage session

One day, I enjoyed Japanese rope bondage with foreign slave of Lasiora's member in ALPHA-IN, Tokyo.

The cherry blossom season

I enjoyed cherry blossoms and rode in a ricksha at Asakusa Tokyo.

I think spring is the most beautiful season in Japan.

I just started Instagram!

You can find me under murasakiphoto2016.

I returned to Japan

I come back to Lasiora on Mar 22.
I’m looking forward to meeting Lasiora members at Shinjyuku.

I'm studying...

I am currently doing a short-term study abroad in Cebu.
I stay here for 3 weeks, and 1 week have passed already.

There are 8 English classes every day.
It's very hard!!

To be honest, probably I cannot improve.
Only three weeks are very short.

However I do my best and try to improve because my foreign slaves are pleased if my English become good.

(Sorry if my English is wrong!)